High School Geography

By (author) J B Wokorach

ISBN : 9789996802058
Curriculum : Botswana Syllabus
Standard : FORM 4 and 5

Category : Geography
Publisher : Salama
Language : English
Country : Botswana
Format : Paperback

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Product Description

High School Geography is designed to meet the specific needs of both BGCSE, IGCSE and Cambridge "O" Level syllabuses which are widely taught in the subregion. The main features of this book include the following:
The precise and straight forward presentation of the subject matter;
The use of simple and clear language;
The use of local examples;
The most comprehensive covereage of the geography syllabus ever achieved in one book:
A brief chapter introduction at the beginning of every chapter, to give a brief description of the subject covered in the chapter;
An outline of the learning objectives to help learners evaluate their progress as they work through the chapter;

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