About Textbooks Botswana

texbooks.co.bw is operated by MM Booksellers CC, Established on 6th November, 2008 as company domiciled in Botswana with Head Office at Gaborone. Now, we have about 12 of years of successful experience, as a company in the service of education.

texbooks.co.bw an e-commerce or rather an e-tailing store works on the Mission to give people the most convenient, easy and secure shopping experience on the web.

Here at texbooks.co.bw our goal is to offer you all of your School Book needs.

texbooks.co.bw is a team of experienced people from diverse backgrounds working together to fulfil three main objective's - benefiting customers of low prices, providing a vast catalogue selection and products and lastly a fast, reliable and a very safe payment and delivery option to the customers.

We have a friendly staff that returns customer service email within 24 to 48 business hours.


MM Booksellers CC
Plot 786, Unit-D, Independence Avenue
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