Botswana: A Physical. Social and Economic Geography

ISBN : 9789991273655
Curriculum : Botswana Syllabus
Standard : FORM 4 and 5

Category : Geography
Publisher : Pearson
Language : English
Country : Botswana
Format : Paperback

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Product Description

This completely new edition of Botswana: A Physical, Social and Economic Geography is the most comprehensive and detailed geography book on Botswana yet published. It reflects many years of active research into various aspects of the geography of Botswana and presents much previously unpublished material. A special feature is the extensive use of maps, diagrams and tables.
Botswana: A Physical, Social and Economic Geography is appropriate for use in secondary schools and for all sections of the Junior Certificate and Cambridge Geography syllabuses. In addition, the book is intended to provide source material for tertiary students and teachers. It also satisfies the needs of general readers interested in various aspects of Botswana's geography.

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