Art Book 1

ISBN : 9789991254692
Curriculum : Botswana Syllabus
Standard : FORM 1

Category : Art and Design
Publisher : Collegium
Language : English
Country : Botswana
Format : Paperback

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Product Description

This book is the first in a series of three, for the Junior certificate syllabus in Art. The book was designed to serve as a core text, for form 1 Art students. They would benefit much from it especially that the language used is suitable for them. Art elements and principles are discussed in relation to the production of artworks. Illustrations have been used to enhance learning as it is easy to understand.
In addition, this book:
Covers all objectives outlined in the syllabus and more.
Contains colourful pictures that make reading exciting.
Contains enough practical and theoretical exercises and activities for learners.
Provides opportunities to learn through enquiry.

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