Agriculture PB Std 6

By (author) J. Chengeta

ISBN : 9789991254500
Curriculum : Botswana Syllabus
Standard : STD 6

Category : Agriculture
Publisher : Collegium
Language : English
Country : Botswana
Format : Paperback

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Product Description

This book was written to address the needs of the Standard 6 Agriculture syllabus for schools in Botswana. The information contained in it is also relevant to any person who may want to gain more knowledge and skills in agriculture. The book is written in simple language, is user-friendly and contains lots of practical activities for the learners. It gives the learners the chance to explore their environment, learn on their own and by doing, and to interact with their peers, teachers and parents during the learning processes. Learners will also gain practical, problem-solving, investigation, and food production skills, knowledge and experiences.

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