Religious & Moral Education For Botswana Standard 5

ISBN : 9789991253165
Curriculum : Botswana Syllabus
Standard : STD 5

Category : Religious and Moral Education
Publisher : Botsalano Press
Language : English
Country : Botswana
Format : Paperback

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Product Description

Religious and Moral education is an exciting book for primary school pupils. The book discusses different religions:
Islam, Hinduism, Bahai faith, Buddhism, Sikhism, Botswana Traditional Religion and Christianity. The book provides information on these religions which will help pupils to understand and learn more about different religions in the world. It also encourages tolerance for other religions.
The book does not only discuss different religions, it also focuses on moral issues such as, Morality, Values, Decision making, Orphanhood, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights. These will help pupils develop skills, ethics and values which will enable them to make independent moral judgements.

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